Why Re-Upholsery?

 There are many reasons to want to re-upholster your furniture. As a customer you have the power to control the fabric, color, and ultimately the final design of your furniture. We re-upholster our customer's furniture whether they are looking for a new look or style. 

A List of Reasons to Re-Upholster (Instead of Buying a new piece)

1. Every piece is different and with thousands of fabrics out there, it can be said that re-upholstered pieces are unique and exclusive for each owner.

2. The results of re-upholstering can sometimes surpass those of the original piece.

3. You recycle your old pieces into a whole new creation instead of settling for someone else's idea of furniture.

4. You can choose the fabric that best suits your needs.

Ultimately, re-upholstered pieces are renovated. The customer can choose to get new webbing, tighter springs, better filling and a re-cushioning. This will ensure that your piece outlasts any store bought furniture. A good frame equals a lifelong piece.

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