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When your sofa is exposed to particles, dust mites, bacteria and it constantly gets contaminated by external factors, it is time to clean it. You should not only get your sofa cleaned when it is stained, the hygiene factor is even more important. Experts suggest that a sofa should be cleaned every 6 months. Our sofa cleaning team ensures they clean, sanitize the sofa and remove all non-permanent stains. 

1. Evaluation
This step is crucial to understanding the construction, backing materials and fillers of the piece. It allows us to determine not only the best method but also the correct chemical tools to produce the best upholstery cleaning process.
2. Removal of Loose Particles. 
We start the cleaning process by removing the dust, sand, and soil particles using an industrial vacuum cleaner. We can also use a hand tool to remove grit, pet hair and other solids attached to the face fabric. 
3. Stains/Spots
We pre-treat and remove spots and stains using the appropriate chemical agents.
4. Full Piece Treatment
We treat the entire upholstery item with the appropriate cleaning agent that penetrates deeply to remove oils and grease soaked on the fabric. If there is dust or grit remaining then the cleaning solution will ensure it loosens for the next step. 
5. Extraction
The upholstery is extracted with a hot water extraction machine that removes the most water with a minimal drying time. 
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